Troubleshoot Common Problems with Dip Nails Quickly

Mastering the dip nails manicure is a learning curve as you can encounter new problems daily. However, it is an exciting challenge to learn to overcome these challenges and maintain your dip manicure. Here are some everyday problems you can encounter with dip powder manicures and the remedial measures to prevent their recurrence.

Dip Powder Nails

Common Problems and Solutions When Making Nail Dip Powder

Lifting nails are irritating issues

Nothing can be more annoying than seeing your nails lift after a few days of your beautiful dip manicure. The problem with lifting nails is that it creates a gap for water to seep in and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, it could lead to nail infections that can take a long time to heal. Hence, one should be careful at the initial stage itself to prevent the nails from lifting.

The Remedy – The only remedy for lifting nails lies in following the correct prepping procedures. It can be exciting to try out the new and fashionable LDS dipping powder color, but proper prepping can maintain the longevity of your manicure. The correct procedure is to push back the cuticles into their grooves and ensure an oil-free nail bed. Then, be sure to plug the gaps, and you can avoid premature lifting of your nails forever.

Your dip nails do not seem shiny enough

People like to have glossy nails. If you feel that your LDS dip nails do not look shiny enough, the problem lies with your application procedure. Here is how you get shiny dip nails.

The Remedy – Patience is crucial because people tend to rush when applying successive coats. Therefore, it is essential to allow the preceding coat to dry thoroughly before applying the fresh coat. Applying the new coat on wet layers can result in a foggy and matte finish. However, as the topcoat layer does not take much time to dry, you do not have to wait too long. So, your timing is the key to a glossy finish.

A bumpy feel can pull down your moods

Though bubble nails are trending today, many women prefer their dip nail manicures to be bump-free. The problem lies in the procedure you follow.

The Remedy – You should check out your dipping powder bottle for lumps inside it. If you store your dipping powder long enough without using it, there can be lump formation resulting in bumpy nails. It is better to go for a new bottle under such circumstances. Alternatively, you can loosen the powder by shaking the bottle. You should also ensure removing excess dipping powder on your nails using a clean brush. A final buff can also help you reduce the bumps.

The discoloration is a common problem

The primary reason for the discoloration of your dipping powder manicures is the use of cheap products. However, the product formula is also a crucial aspect that can cause discoloration.

The Remedy – Nails are something you should cherish. Hence, it is not advisable to use cheap nail polish products. Instead, you can invest in quality nail polish products like LDS dipping powder to get an excellent manicure without any discoloration. Besides, quality products do not have any problematic compounds in them.

The chipping and cracking of your nails can reduce the manicure’s lifespan

Generally, dip nails last comfortably for three weeks or even more. However, chipping of the powder layers can result in removal too soon into the manicure’s lifespan.

The Remedy – The primary cause of nail polish chipping is not having enough dip powder layers on your nails. You can remember this tip and add a couple of more layers to your dip powder manicure. Though it can thicken the nails, it prevents the layers from chipping or cracking.

A torn nail can cause an emergency

Dip powder manicures are robust and do not tear off easily. However, accidents can happen, resulting in the tearing of the dip powder layer. It can be a discerning issue. However, you can tackle this emergency with ease.

The Remedy – You need not rush to the nail salon to repair a torn nail immediately. Your kitchen cabinet can have the items required to repair the nail. Look into your kitchen closet for items like coffee filters, tea bags, paper towels, cupcake liners, and even fiberglass. These ingredients can help repair your torn nail and help maintain shape until you approach the nail salon technician for a permanent repair job.

Final Thoughts

LDS dip nails are excellent to have, but one should take care of the nails to ensure that the manicure lasts long. These remedies can help deal will common dip powder manicure issues that you can encounter at any time. Simultaneously, you should note investing in quality nail products like LDS dip powder. Finally, you can order your quota of dipping powder products from us at reasonable rates.