Eight Tips to Have the Best Gel Polish Manicure

Having a manicure gel polish at home should not be a challenging job at all. All you need is patience and effort to master the art of a gel manicure. In the bargain, you save on the salon visiting cost. Besides, it is a healthy option, especially during COVID-19 pandemic times.

Tips to Have the Best Gel Polish Manicure

If you know the tricks of the trade, even your first try at getting a gel manicure at home should not be daunting. Here are some tips that could prove handy as you try to get the best quality salon-like gel manicure at home.

Tips to Have the Best Gel Polish Manicure

Prepping your nails is crucial

Remember the words, “If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.” While this statement can sound odd for many, it is an unpalatable truth. Prepping your nails is the most crucial part of a gel manicure. It can surprise you that prepping your nails could take around one-third of the time required for your entire manicure.

Cutting your nails and blunting the edges is critical because it can cause the lifting of the nail. Similarly, buffing the nail surface is vital as it roughs up the nail bed, allowing the basecoat to stick. Besides, it is also equally significant to remove the debris and dead skin from the nail bed before starting your manicure. Finally, you can use a soft cloth dipped in an alcohol solution to disinfect the nail after prepping it.

If your nails have traces of nail polish, you should use a cotton ball dipped in acetone solution to remove the polish.

Choosing the right brand is important

Cheap nail polish brands are available on the market and in ecommerce stores. Though these deals look attractive, it is not advisable to go for them. Instead, choosing the best gel nail polish brand ensures that you have a long-lasting manicure gel polish.

Keep your things ready before you start

You should have all your gel nail polish accessories and tools ready on hand before starting the process. You cannot run around searching for a particular item amidst your manicure. It could affect the procedure and end up with a less-than-perfect nail job.

Use thin layers of nail polish

You should remember that gel polish is different from the traditional nail polish people use. The thumb rule is to have thin layers of gel polish as gel polish does not require thick layers. Besides, every gel polish coat requires curing under the UV lamp. Thicker layers can take more time for curing. If the gel polish does not cure well, it can mess up the manicure. You might have to remove the entire layer and start afresh.

Capping the free edges is essential

Generally, you use a brush to apply gel polish to your nails. Unfortunately, many people ignore the free edges. As a result, your nail polish starts to lift after a few days and affects the entire manicure. Therefore, one should remember to cap the free edges with your basecoat, polish, and topcoat layers. This additional fortification prevents your nail polish from lifting. Besides, capping the edges protects the nail polish from damage due to scratches or chips.

Remove wet polish from your skin before curing

Everyone knows that they should avoid getting gel polish on their cuticles. However, the polish can spill over to the cuticles or the skin. You need not panic if it happens. You must use a clean brush dipped in acetone to remove the wet polish from the skin and nail edges. However, you should note to do that before you cure your gel polish layer under the UV lamp. If you do not do so, the polish can harden and be challenging to remove subsequently.

Caring for your nails after the gel manicure is necessary

A manicure gel polish could require acetone to remove excess polish or from the skin and cuticles. Acetone can dehydrate your skin. Therefore, it becomes essential to rehydrate it by adding a bit of moisture back to the nails. The best method is to massage your nails with cuticle oil or hand creams. Cuticle oil is an essential ingredient in your gel polish kit.

Learn how to remove your gel polish properly

While applying gel polish needs practice, removing it also needs mastering. Many people make the mistake of picking off the gels. It can cause severe damage to the nails underneath. The right way is to use acetone and follow the laid down procedure. Finally, you should note that the best gel nail polish brand is the one that crumbles off without having to apply any additional force.

Final Thoughts

These tips should help you get your best gel manicure. You can see that the procedure is easy to master with a bit of practice.