Know the Benefits of OPI Soak-off Gel Lacquer Before You Apply It

Change is something everyone would relish, especially if it is for the better. Are you bored of having the same nail manicures, like the dipping powder, gel, or acrylic paint? If you are, here is a way to break free of the boredom. Try the OPI soak-off gel lacquer, and you will be surprised at the change.

This article discusses reasons why you should try and switch over to the soak-off gel polish. Before doing so, let us discuss what the soak-off gel polish procedure is.

What are soak-off gel nails?

Soak-off gel nails are similar to your regular gel polish, with the only difference being that you cure every polish layer under the UV lamp before proceeding with the next one. If you have an LED lamp, the curing time could be between 30 seconds to a minute. In the case of a UV lamp, you need at least two minutes of curing. Thus, you ensure that every layer is dry before applying the subsequent layers.

The advantage of OPI soak-off gel lacquer is that you do not have to wait for a long time for the nail polish to dry. Secondly, these manicures comfortably last for up to three weeks without any chipping or peeling.

Before you buy OPI gel soak-off polish, you should know some facts about this innovative nail manicure.

Reduced Drying Times

Soak-off polishes are similar to the traditional gel polish because they require curing under the UV/LED lamp. The curing periods depend on the type of light you use. An LED lamp might take something between five seconds to a minute. On the contrary, a UV lamp could take around two to three minutes. However, you should ensure to cure every layer before proceeding to the subsequent one.

Long-lasting Nails

A perfect soak-off gel manicure can last comfortably for up to three weeks without lifting, chipping, or peeling. The best aspect of all OPI gel colors is that they have a natural feel and appear as if you have just applied it on your nails, even after two weeks. When you buy OPI gel, you are assured of excellent quality.

Safe for your nails

Many people feel that gel polish can harm your nails and weaken them. Good quality gel polish does not harm your nails. However, if you do not follow the correct application and removal procedure, there can be damage to the nail bed. It is best to follow the instructions carefully when using OPI gel lacquer.

Odorless and free of harmful chemicals

People who have used acrylic polish know how strong and harsh the odor is. Unlike acrylic polish, the soak-off gel polish does not have harsh chemicals. They do not have a strong, pungent odor. It makes it safer to apply.

No hassles when touching up

As your nail grows naturally during the three weeks you have the soak-off gel manicure, a small gap appears at your nail base between the cuticle and the polish layer. With soak off gel polish, it becomes easy to fill the space faster than an entirely new manicure. A quick trip to your regular nail salon or a DIY job can help you in this regard.

The removal procedure is simple

The removal procedure for OPI gel lacquer is similar to the one you use for removing your regular nail polish. You can try out various techniques at home, like the Nail steamer or the nail polish removal aluminum wraps. The procedure is simple to master. However, you should ensure to follow the correct method, or you could end up harming your nails.

An exotic range of products

Soak-off gel polish is available in all OPI gel colors. You have an excellent range of products to choose from when you buy OPI nail polish. The spectrum of colors can be exciting.

Possible to master the technique at home

With the pandemic effect still affecting the cosmetics industry, you cannot easily access nail salons. The best way to have your manicure is the DIY job. The soak-off gel manicure is one of the easiest to master. You get ready-made soak-off gel kits. All you do is practice the technique and become a master.

A thorough professional look

As you dry or cure each layer before applying the next one, a soak-off gel manicure lends excellent shine to your nails. The best feature of OPI soak-off gel lacquer is that you apply it as a polish, and it performs like a gel.

Final Thoughts

This discussion should have made it easy for you to understand the benefits of a soak-off gel polish manicure. As you have an excellent range of all OPI gel colors, you can easily get your favorite colors when you buy OPI gel.