Halloween Nail Art Designs That Won’t Disappoint

Who wouldn’t want properly manicured nails that not only look neat but also won’t disappoint, especially if it happens to be a halloween party that you are planning to attend. It is one thing to look clean and confident; it’s another to rock a look that will impress. And if you intend to have one unforgettable halloween celebration, you should be ready to bring out that mysterious flare with your nails. For some inspiration for the halloween nail art designs that won’t disappoint, this post is something that you should not ignore.

Nail Art Design for Every Occasion

When it comes to creating an impression with your nails using nail art, the options are limitless. You can easily transform your claws to make them complement your style and your grab. You can even use other nail designs over plainly painted nails to create the look that you want. Use nail accents such as glitters, stickers, semi-precious stones, and so on.

Press on nails are also available to make the transformation a lot quicker, less messy, and easier. You can pick from a range of designs that will even match the color of your outfit, as well as the occasion or event that you plan to participate in.

As halloween is just a few weeks from now, you can think of ideas for your next nail art design. You can always find inspiration from almost everywhere. Create that eerie effect with your nails by painting items that are all linked with the occasion – skulls, pumpkins, fangs, bats, blood streaks, skeletons, and so on.

When it comes to the primary color, it is usually black and red that come to mind. You can always start off with nails painted with black DND DC polish. Then use white or red to paint those creepy elements.

Design Tips To Consider

A quick search online for halloween nail designs will provide you with hundreds of pages filled with information. For sure there will also be countless video tutorials that will show you exactly how those designs are made. For some easy design tips, consider the following:

1. Carve out the designs with a gel pen. A black gel pen will always come handy when you want to have some intricated designs on your nails. You won’t be needing nail strips and could easily control the weight and look of the strokes since the gel pen will most likely leave a design with an even depth and with on your nails. However, you will need to wait longer for the design to dry before you can apply a top coat over the design to make sure that the gel pen design won’t be ruined.

2. Create bold, interesting stripes on your nails with one of the best nail tapes available at your local nail supply store or online. These nail tapes make creating lines on nails a breeze. You won’t need to use scotch tape (as some suggests) to create straight lines or stripes on your nails. As these nail tapes come in different colors, you can easily pick one that will complement the overall look of the nail design.

3. Want a matte finish on your nails? Some cornstarch can do just that. Just add some corn starch to your clear nail polish to create a DIY matte topcoat. No matte, no worries anymore. Perhaps, you might just want to try it right now.

4. For an easy clean up use any of these: a roll of cotton, toothpick, or a peel off cuticle guard. For that precise application, you can use some cotton and toothpick to clean off smudges on your cuticles and on your skin. A better option for a no-mess application would be a peel off cuticle guard that you’ll need to stick around your nails. Just peel them off when you are done.

Designing the nails that will match and complement your halloween attire is easier than you think. If you have the right tools, colors and design, you can have your nails done in no time. If it will be your first time to do the designs, remember that it will take some practice to create the intended nail art look on your claws. But you don’t have to fret as there are guides online that you can check out to help you with your first design. Just don’t be in a rush when you’re applying a new product to make sure that you’ll get a clean finish each time.