DND Nail Polish: A Simple and Affordable Alternative

Daisy nail design (DND) refers to a unique nail polish and spa product. According to the beauty researchers and developers team, it was discovered that this nail polish has been providing the most refreshing and high-quality colors to the nail market. The nail product is targeted to give the utmost quality and evergreen nail care at affordable prices.

Image: DTK Nail Supply

Although the importance of gel polishes is the ability to provide quality, it provides significant and irreplaceable nail care for its consumer. DND nail polish stands as one of the best nail polish products that promise to supply the nail with excellent care that you desire. If you have nail care challenges and haven’t heard about DND nail polish, then you seriously lack behind.

DND nail polish has turned the nail industry around with its impressive abilities. You can rely on this nail care product because it will give a shiny, smooth, glittering and extended nail care. On top of that, nail polish is easy and fast to accomplish by an expert nail care technician or by an individual.

Advantages of DND Nail Polish

These are:

  • The nail polish gives different colors that the nails
  • It feels lighter on nails
  • They last on nails for three weeks without chipping
  • It comes with favorable prices and are cheap
  • Formulate with vitamins that make the pin robust, healthy and stunning for weeks         
  • DND nail polish are easily gotten

Reasons to choose DND nail polish 

Daisy Nail Design (DND) comes with a thinner formula that looks like traditional nail polish so that it can be easily applied on nails and feel light and simple on your nails.

This nail polish has a series of colors for selection, starting from standard colors to cool, neutral and quirky light colors. It also has some metallic and glitters options, so it is proper for all events. In essence, DND nail supplies have a whole range of colors that you can use.

The first things that make DND nail polish to be unique than other nail care products are constituents. It contains beneficial vitamins that help the nail to be reliable, healthy and beautiful for many days. This nail polish has incredible absorbing power, and it lasts up to three weeks. To keep the nails glowing and as long as possible, you will need the DND base coat and topcoat for your nail care.

However, DND brings out its base coat that doesn’t need a wiper or washer when you want to remove polish stickiness.

Is Daisy Design nail polish Ultraviolet or LED?

Daisy Design Nail polishes takes up to three weeks on nails and its cures with a LED and Ultraviolet light. It also has a free matching nail Lacquer for nail beautifying.

How to Clean DND polish

Removing the polish from the nail may be tricky if you are new in the game, but you can still try to remove the polish by yourself if only you are patient and follow the steps by step removal guidelines.

Firstly: Use a 180×220 foam scraper size to carefully detach the shine from the nail plate, and then clean the oil or detriment away from the nail bed.

Secondly: Put the number one DND thin layer cleaning gel but make sure to put the nail sealing on all nail edges at each step. Next, soak your nail in acetone for up to twenty minutes to lose the bond, and you should be able to pull it off with a cuticle pusher. Use a free pad or nail wipes with nail remover to detach the stickiness on the nail. But you can skip this step if you are using DND top gels.

Use the Ultra-Violet or LED lamp to protect the nail for two minutes or thirty seconds.

But if you can’t do it yourself, you can get it done at a nail salon.

Daisy Design Nail polish is perfect for the festive period, but the DND hundred matte base coat is designed for regular nail polish. This product will give a matte end for regular nail polish users. It is advisable not to use nail polish for gel polish.

Comparison of DND nail polish

What are the things that made up the Daisy Design Nail polish? The DND nail polish is made from toluene or formaldehyde.

The following are the tools used for designing nail arts.

  • Rectangular nail brush
  • Nylon gel nail comb
  • Flat sable square gel brush


Doing a gel nail care is certainly convenient since it won’t peel or fade away until fourteen to twenty-one day later. 

However, it would be best if you were not against the fact that having gel nail care weakens the nail bed because of the removal procedures.

DND best nail polish is formulated with vitamins which are the best solutions for your nail care. Without a doubt, one can say that DND nail supplies are the best cheap nail polish.